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Multi-Metros Or Multi-States

Regional programs give broad but localized exposure.

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Regional Geographic Target Marketing

Is Regional Geographic Targeting Right for You?

Regional targeting makes sense for multi-location businesses. If you have a physical business location that serves a limited geography that may include several locations or a particular service delivery or shipping radius, regional targeting is good choice for you.

As with local targeting, all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have the capability to show your ads to visitors located in nearby metro areas or states, and can even target a radius around particular locations. This allows you to engage your customers with directed search engine marketing campaigns without having to pay for larger advertising campaigns that will not benefit your business.

Regional Marketing Segmentation Targets Locations That Drive Business

Regional online marketing is great solution for many businesses such as:

  • Companies that have multiple physical locations in multiple metro areas or in several states.
  • Service businesses that complete work at customer locations, or even
  • eCommerce companies that provide perishable products which cannot be shipped too far.

Regional online marketing narrows your marketing focus – which will save money – with a more targeted message that resonates with your audience.

Regional Geographic Targeting Examples

Some of the most common examples of regional geographical advertising approaches:

  • General search engine marketing in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many individuals use the general search engines for local searches, and in many cases, the search engine is aware of the searcher's physical location and so presents relevant local results. At other times, searchers will use geo-modifiers to specify their location, thus assisting the search engines to present desired results.
  • Local search engines, including Google Maps and Yahoo Local are sometimes used by local searchers, and so present a perfect opportunity for targeted sponsored search. In addition, many of the local search engines allow a free business listing for each location, and should be leveraged as part of a larger business directory listing initiative.
  • Local business directories, like CitySearch, Insider Pages, the abovementioned Yahoo and Google products, and more. In addition to these nationally known local directories, many metro areas have favorite portals that should be evaluated as well.
  • Local Classified Advertising sites, including Craig's List and Kijiji/eBay Classifieds offer great opportunities to display products and services to a local market. As with business directories, many of these sites offer free listings, so the investment is the time it takes to identify, post, and maintain your listings on these sites.
  • Localized Search Engine Optimization (L-SEO) is becoming more prevalent and often forms a critical set of tactics for local businesses to rank high organically in the major search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing is proving to be of real value to B2C businesses, who can offer local events and local coupons to build loyalty, repeat business and even expand your customer base. B2B businesses benefit equally across a wider array of social media that serve different audiences with different purposes and at different points in the longer buying cycle.

Why LocalDirective?

In today's world, you can't afford to not be online, and with increasing use of smartphones and local search, your customers need find your business quickly and easily. If your business is in the business of helping customers regionally, LocalDirective can help you create an online marketing plan that integrates regional marketing into a custom data-driven solution driving your business forward into the digital future.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that have one specialty or one point of view, LocalDirective has a rich and widely dimensional body of expertise in marketing strategy development, marketing plan development, online marketing and advertising, and website development. You need integrated marketing to be effective, so why not choose a digital agency that has the in-house experience to deliver what you need?

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