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National Online Marketing

Reaching a national market can be expensive, invest wisely.


National Geography Online Marketing

National Target Market Segmentation Makes Sense for Most Online (and Many Offline) Companies

National online marketing is usually an approach most successfully taken by those who have multiple physical locations in multiple metro areas or a number of states across the country, service businesses able to physically or virtually serve the entire US, as well as eCommerce companies. Strategies may be employed that call for exact targeting of high-value geographic areas, demographic or psychographic segments within a national geography when it makes sense to do so.

How to Determine if You Should Consider National Geographic Targeting

If you are an eCommerce business or have a physically-based business capability to serve the entire US or North America, national targeting is your best option. Depending on your specific products and services, LocalDirective may suggest a cluster of locally-based programs to best match your marketing spend to the opportunity.

Our goal is to deliver maximum volume of business from the highest profit-producing geography. Thus, your national advertising may have some local or regional components to achieve the highest ROI, utilizing the capability of all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to allow your ads to be shown to visitors located in the US, in targeted metros or specific states within the US, or even a radius around particular locations.

Our research revealed that the Internet was the second-largest ad medium in 2012. The first: television. Further, Internet ad spending is slated to reach 30.7% in 2016 – up from 6% in 2005 and 24.6% in 2014. This tells us that going digital should be very much a part of your short- and long-term marketing plans.

National Geographic Targeting Examples

Some of the most common examples of national geographical advertising approaches:

  • General search engine marketing in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Business users and consumers use the general search engines to purchase online and for purchases they intend to purchase offline. Very often, local businesses compete with national businesses, and LocalDirective assists our clients to position their strengths given the competitive milieu in which they exist.
  • Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of the long-term strategy for any national business, and in some cases, should be used to build a location-based presence for each location or for the radius served.
  • Social Media Marketing is an increasingly interesting option that can include cover pages and content marketing on Facebook and profiles on LinkedIn, or using Twitter for targeted promotions. Just a couple years ago, these tools were used primarily to listen and learn; now they have moved into mainstream where they can earn a calculable ROI.
  • Online advertising opportunities continue to proliferate, and it is highly likely one of these options will make sense for your business. Options include retargeting/remarketing, content network and display advertising, YouTube advertising and paid advertising in social media.
  • PR Marketing and Reputation Management provide rich opportunities to build brand awareness and to more obliquely further your message.
  • Email Marketing should be an integral part of nurturing prospects and communicating, cross-selling and up-selling existing clients. LocalDirective can assist you to not only capture opt-in email addresses, but also to develop targeted campaigns that deliver results.

Why LocalDirective?

In today's world, you can't afford to not be online, and with increasing use of smartphones and local search, your customers need find your business quickly and easily. If your business is in the business of helping customers regionally, LocalDirective can help you create an online marketing plan that integrates regional marketing into a custom data-driven solution driving your business forward into the digital future.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that have one specialty or one point of view, LocalDirective has a rich and widely dimensional body of expertise in marketing strategy development, marketing plan [link to]development, online marketing and advertising, and website development. You need integrated marketing to be effective, so why not choose a digital agency that has the in-house experience to deliver what you need?

Either complete the quick contact form on the left side of this page or give us a call, toll-free at 1.866.925.9524 to find out how LocalDirective assists national businesses to get listed in the right national directories.