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Survival Of The Fittest

Darwin is right: it is those that adapt best to change that survive.

Sales Consultant

Driving Sales Through Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Modeling

Get a Customized, Fully-Integrated Marketing Program That Delivers

B2C Marketing is undergoing dramatic changes driven by the explosion of online sources of information and methods of delivery. Consumers are empowered to filter their information and chose when, where and how they get their information. Mobile devices and proximity-based marketing are of increasing importance in this post-PC era, and competing in this environment requires an adaptable, integrated marketing program that meets buyers where they are.

Marketing to Consumers Is Changing

Mobilization and social media are two dramatic trends that have affected B2C marketing more than B2B at. Marketing to consumers is vastly different than marketing to businesses in other ways, too:

  • Increased size of your market segments.
  • Shortened purchasing process.
  • Less consideration before a sale.
  • Frequently involves a retailer vs a direct sale.
  • Driven by emotionalized wants and needs.
  • More socially-driven brand identity.
  • Lower lifetime value.

Adaptability over Time Is a Key Consideration

A changing environment means your marketing programs must adapt. In just a few short years consumers have gone from relying on search engine results to seeking social input from their friends when they are looking for solutions to their problems. Your marketing and business goals also change over time with changing technology and customer base. These are just a few of the reasons that a custom-developed, online marketing program, integrated with offline touch points, can provide a data-driven solution that delivers results.

Tame the Data Explosion for Guidance and Direction

We can help you create a strategic and tactical plan based on capture and usage of data that delivers. Rich behavioural data can now be collected and analyzed, and this information is central to our ongoing efforts to increase your success.

As your marketing platforms broaden to include such elements as search engines, social media networks and content sharing sites, mobile and proximity marketing, email marketing, content and display networks, your marketing plan should grow as well.

With all of these changes, it makes sense that your online marketing partner should have the depth of experience to help you determine your initial strategy, lay out an effective set of tactics, and then execute with precision. A strong partner can deliver predictable, strong and additive growth over time.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that have one specialty or one point of view, LocalDirective has a rich and widely dimensional body of expertise in marketing strategy development, marketing plan development, online marketing and advertising, and website development. You need integrated marketing to be effective, so why not choose a digital agency that has the in-house experience to deliver what you need?

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