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Keep It Simple

Great websites deliver relevant content at just the moment the buyer needs it.

Paula Woolley,
Project Manager

Simple Websites

An Online Presence Is Critical In Today's Marketplace

The days of relying on a phone book ad for new customers are gone. Consumers are overwhelmingly turning to the web to find products and services. Without a web presence, your customers cannot find you. Your online presence begins and ends with a solid website.

Increase Your Brand Exposure With A Simple Website

The power of a simple website is profound. Whether you’re a local “brick and mortar” business or a global company, a powerful website will increase your exposure and intentionally influence how the world sees you.

A simple website is sometimes referred to as a “brochure” website since the general purpose is to educate potential customers about the company and its offerings. Details such as services or products offered, location(s), phone number, and email address should always be provided so that customers can contact you.

However, at LocalDirective we work with our clients to ensure that their simple websites are powerfully packaged so that the customer is provided a level of comforts that will facilitate sales. All LocalDirective simple websites:

  • Educate customers about the needs you will satisfy. Letting the customer know that you understand their need demonstrates your expertise and your commitment to serve them.
  • Emphasize the difference between you and your competitors. Differentiation from your competition is critical to the success of your online presence.
  • Express your personality. Your company’s identity and personality should be shown by the copy written, images used and other aspects of your website.
  • Reflect your company’s values. Your website should forge a more meaningful relationship between you and your customers by expressing your values.

When you work with LocalDirective, your simple website will do much more than provide superficial information, it will provide a very solid foundation for establishing a meaningful relationship with your customers and potential customers.

LocalDirective Knows The Secrets Of Online Domination

LocalDirective has years of experience building online domination for businesses in a variety of industries. We know that a simple website is not just about a pretty package. It’s about creating a foundation that combines effective design with the right website content to create sales for your business.

Now is the best time to learn more about how LocalDirective can create an effective simple website for your business. Call today, toll-free and with no strings, at 1.866.925.9524.

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Our team will work with you to create a website that delivers on its promise.