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Landing Pages Work

Great landing pages turn visitors into customers.


Landing Page Development

A Strong Landing Page Makes You One in a Billion

At the end of 2014, there were one billion websites on the Internet. That's one billion sites vying for your visitors' attention. It's no surprise that the average person spends less than one minute on an average webpage. To compete against that vast storehouse of information, you need landing pages – specialized pages that grab your visitors' interest and compel them to reach out to you, before they're off to the next website.

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a single page designed to generate leads.

Unlike the rest of your website, which provides more detailed information about different aspects of your business, a landing page focuses on getting visitors to contact you – either by phone, email, or form completion.

People constantly scour the Internet looking for solutions to their problems – whether they're simply looking for entertainment or searching for a specific service. The best landing pages clearly identify those problems and offer appropriate solutions.

Online Ads + Landing Pages = More Leads

A great landing page will turn your paid advertising into a hot lead that eventually becomes a customer.

When used well, paid advertising, like Google AdWords, LinkedIn, or Facebook, targets the audience your business is looking for and brings them to you.

Once they arrive, a powerful landing page quickly tells your potential customers you have the solution they seek, without forcing them to wade through your entire website.

Your online advertising delivers the right customers to your landing page, while your page tells them you have the answer to their needs. It's a powerful combination that drives leads to your business and then converts them into sales.

Three Crucial Elements of a Powerful Landing Page

There are three elements that can make or break your landing page.

  • Compelling Offer: give your visitors a good reason to take action on your services today.
  • Targeted Messaging and Design: both the message of your landing page and the design must connect with visitors in order to keep them from moving on to the next site.
  • Clear, Strong Calls to Action: though it sounds strange, no matter how compelling your messaging and design are, your visitors usually only take action when you tell them to. So tell them.

Let Us Build the Doorway to Your Next Sale

LocalDirective develops landing pages that quickly connect with your visitors and give them the information they're looking for so that they will reach out to you. From design to content, our landing pages are focused on delivering the leads that turn into loyal customers.

Developing and running the best landing pages requires expertise to handle every aspect of design and administration. Our team provides comprehensive landing page solutions that include:

  • Landing Page Design and Development.
  • Content and Offer Creation.
  • Variable A/B Split Testing and Conversion Optimization.
  • Lead Capture and Phone Tracking.

If you’re ready to convert your visitors into strong leads, and ultimately, customers, simply fill out the quick contact form to the left, or call us today at 1.866.925.9524 and learn how we can help you capture and convert more business.