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Time For Change

People shop and learn completely differently than a few years ago. Your business must adapt.

Paula Woolley,
Client Manager

Community and Social Websites

Customer loyalty equals more sales. To create and sustain customer loyalty it is vital to maintain an ongoing dialog. This can be easily accomplished with a socially-enabled website.

Customers Want to Interact with Brands Socially

More and more customers are looking to interact with brands online and share their experiences with their extended social networks. Now is the time for you to incorporate social computing capabilities into your online presence in order to create an interactive experience that builds community engagement. At the same time, it is important to assert a level of control that safeguards your brand integrity. You can accomplish this with your own online community.

Your online community can raise awareness, generate interest, help attentive people take action by becoming customers, and turn your existing customers into passionate brand ambassadors. If needed, your community can help you resolve a less-than-stellar customer experience in a proactive way.

Effective community or social websites open you up to a new group of customers and carry the voice of your brand well beyond your site. You can increase your exposure to a new channel where you can reach more people and develop your customers so that they become public brand advocates. People like to purchase from people they know, so by giving them a community where they can get to know you has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Create Your Community with Your Customers in Mind

Your social or community website should be developed with the needs of your customers in mind. Create a community where they can learn more about your company, reach out to you for assistance, and share experiences with like-minded individuals. Adding features like photo and video sharing, blog entries, and messaging capabilities can also add to the community environment.

LocalDirective Builds Social and Community Websites That Produce

Our experienced programming team stays on top of all of the latest technology available and are therefore well-able to build a dynamic website with all the features an active community needs. Additionally, our social media specialists can help you develop a community that your customers will want to visit frequently.

You can get started by filling out the quick contact form to the left, or call us toll free at 1.866.925.9524.The sooner we build your community, the sooner you’ll have a raving customer base.