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Websites Are The Key

Websites are the key to a company's entire business.

Paula Woolley,
Client Manager

User Experience Optimization

What Is the User Experience?

You mean I have to think through how the user feels and what they do on my website, as they go through page by page? Are you sure that is important? Will optimizing this increase my conversions? Yes!

Here’s why.

Great web design isn’t just about the look anymore. Great website design now requires an in-depth look into the path of the consumer. The goal is to lead the prospect from one page to the next seamlessly. User experience takes into account the experience on the website as a whole. That includes not only the site’s speed, but its ease of use – which includes the completion of all actions, such as purchases, downloads, and contact forms.

When you interact using technology, products or services, the emotions elicited is what user experience (UX) is all about.

Importance of User Activity after Site Traffic Has Arrived

Once you have generated a stream of traffic into your website, it is important to create a space which keeps the consumer on site for a while, interacting and performing the actions you most desire.

Understanding and developing an effective user experience helps keep them on your site longer, which directly helps improve your visitors’ time, their engagement, and subsequent conversions. What your users do and don’t do once on your website determines their perception of your company’s value, the brand experience, and their likelihood to convert. It is imperative you take a very close look into your user experience often.

Building an Optimization Funnel around User Flow

When it comes to optimizing your users on-site buying funnel, it is imperative that you take into great consideration the user experience. In order to optimize for higher conversions, we must look at how to reduce unimportant clicks, false starts, excess pages, and any other potential barrier to a clear
action path.

By paying close attention to each user’s needs, in keeping the action path clear and simple, we reduce the wavering indecisiveness that often occurs when a user is in the final stages of conversion.

Your buying funnel should mirror and complement the user experience design for optimal results.

The LocalDirective Team Is Ready to Boost Your Conversion Rates

LocalDirective’s digital marketing team is proficient in designing a user experience that leads your users through the buying funnel you have developed. Don’t leave money behind in any of your website pages. Let our team of experts ensure that your site’s user experience is customer-focused with incoming leads turning into outgoing conversions. Your bottom line is our concern and your leads’ buying process is our priority.

With our help, your digital marketing and your business will flourish. Give us a call at 1-866-925-9524, or contact us here to get started.