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Paula Woolley,
Project Manager

Primary Research

What and Why Is Primary Research Important?

You may be wondering what primary research can do for my company. Chances are, if you have competition (and who doesn't?), then you can certainly benefit from primary research.

Primary market research helps to identify and answer pending questions your company may have in relations to your demographic, consumer base, target audience, level of customer service, and more. Primary Market Research provides a thorough analysis through the gathering of new information derived from field research to better define your brand and identity development which will further aid in carrying out an effective digital tactics strategy.

Using Data to Conduct Primary Research

By utilizing data points to measure and track against, you are positioning your company to benefit from tapping into new opportunities, minimizing risks, finding possible internal process problems, or establish trends and marketing standings. There is much to be gained from the proper development of primary research and it is important you partner with a company that gets it. We are here to guide you through the rigorous process of primary research while making it easy for you to see results.

Our Market Research Methods

Primary Market Research can be broken down into quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research relies on hard numbers to ascertain the findings with confidence. While qualitative research relies more on the emotion and feeling of the consumer to aid in product or service reviews, customer service surveys, focus groups, etc.

Research methods consist of secondary data, such as surveys, observation and experimentation. We will augment the primary data collected, that is both relevant and unbiased, to your product or service, to help illustrate more solid results.

A Market Research Plan That Works, with the Help of LocalDirective

Look no further than LocalDirective's knowledgeable digital marketing team to help you develop and conduct an effective market research plan to improve your functions, products and services. We provide you with personalized attention every step of the process, to aid in meeting mutual satisfaction. Our job isn’t complete until your desired ROI is met.

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