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Often overlooked, LocalDirective has deep expertise in development of effective online strategies.


Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing Strategy or Stabs in the Dark?

Most everyone realizes marketing is necessary to increase revenues. However, the looming question is: How to wisely spend marketing dollars to ensure success? The answer: Success is not an accident resulting from a stab in the dark. Success is a result of significant planning and strategy, which lays the groundwork for a highly-effective marketing program.

At LocalDirective, the first step we take with our clients is this exact kind of consulting, to include the following components:

Market Identification

The target audience must be identified before an effective strategy can be developed.

It is much easier to determine who your ideal customer is – and who it is not – by first, completely defining your service or product, its benefits, features and attributes.

Once your product and ideal audience are matched, it's time to identify the most effective channels to successfully reach them, which leads to the next step of the strategy.

Baseline Evaluation

Before you set out on a journey, it's helpful if you now where you are as well as where you're headed. The absence of either will lead to a waste of time and money. In a marketing strategy, understanding where you are is the baseline evaluation. As it relates to digital marketing, there are several items you'll want to specifically evaluate:

  1. What tactics are you currently leveraging? (e.g. a website, PPC, social media, directories, etc.)
  2. Are those tactics effectively generating interest in the form of traffic and/or engagement – turning interest into a qualified lead and turning those leads into more business?

This evaluation helps identify tactics which may have worked in the past, which have definitely failed, and which may yet be untapped as a potential source of new business.

Marketing Tactics Planning

It's time to begin the market research, and to identify possible paths to customer contact. It may in the form of search engine marketing (e.g., PPC, display networks, YouTube Ads and more), search engine optimization, outbound marketing (such as emails), inbound marketing ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, guest articles, videos, etc.) and press releases ….whew! This list could go on and on.

Rather than spinning your wheels trying every possible avenue, our research will show where you are most likely to effectively reach your market, and garner more business.

Return on Investment (ROI) Projection

Any form of marketing must focus on generating a return, utilizing tactics greatly influenced by two ROI factors.

  1. Target return desired and
  2. Target time horizon to achieve that target

Different marketing tactics produce different results within different time tables. Some may take longer to produce results; yet, may garner a better rate of return.

Finding the balance between these goals may allow you to more effectively choose which tactics to leverage, and also help lay the groundwork for benchmark goals in the process.

Internet Marketing Strategies with LocalDirective

At LocalDirective, we believe the task of marketing should be handled with a balance of both strategic analysis and creativity. This ensures there are never stabs in the dark, and that your business is leveraging not only proven tactics but also those not-so-commonly used or even innovative forms of marketing that are entering the digital world at lightning-fast speeds. If you're ready to get traction with your Internet marketing strategy, reach out to us through the form on the left, or give us a toll-free call, with no strings, at 866-925-9524. We are eager to begin the process of developing your custom strategy for success.