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Social Media

A high growth and rapidly evolving opportunity for your business, if done right

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Too Many To Count!

The latest buzz in the marketing world is Social Media Marketing (SMM). Like TV ads, and traditional search engine marketing before it, SMM has both supporters and detractors. According to Forrester Research, 81% of Americans with an Internet connection use social media. No matter your personal feelings for social media, you cannot ignore the sheer number of people you can reach with SMM.

Social media is often misconstrued as a simple, inexpensive medium for generating new leads. While most companies look to leverage social media at the very top of the sales funnel, by definition it is an "opt-in" communications tool. Your content doesn't magically drop into computers; rather, users must have either asked to see it (liking, following, circling, etc.), or have been introduced to it in some way from friends, co-workers or other key influencers. This is why good outbound promotional strategy must be used for SMM to make the greatest impact.

First Things First

In order to most effectively use social media, it is important to first understand why consumers and businesses use social networking sites, and then look for methods to make those reasons develop into actual business opportunities.

People generally join social networks in order to share stories and build relationships. This should significantly shape your content strategy for SMM. In an ever-increasingly global and postmodern world, people are seeking relationships, wanting to know people and companies – and, not solely on a consumer basis.

Telling the story of your company, your products, and even your customers, helps bring the human element people crave back into business. As you leverage various tactics within SMM, keep in mind the process of relationship building.

If You Say It, They Won't Come

Often companies get caught in the "if you say it, they will come" philosophy. Simply creating a social profile, putting a link on your website, and posting a promotion once in a while is not going to build the targeted audience you desire. You’ll need to create a synergistic plan to leverage your SMM efforts.

We have found a blended approach to be most effective. The various components you'll want to incorporate include:

  • Post relevant content.
  • Build organic relationships through research and by reaching out to your target audience for introductions.
  • Invest in paid reach opportunities (including Facebook ads, promoted stories, promoted Tweets, promoted profiles, etc.).

Our comprehensive SMM evaluation provides your website a complete critique and offers solid, ethical and sound solutions to improve your social media programs.

How to Fail at Social Media

A surefire way to fail at Social Media – publish nothing but promotional content. You’ll seem like that man at the party whose main topic of discussion is himself. No one is attracted to that.

We recommend a commonly-accepted practice, the ‘80/20 Rule’. This means approximately 20% of your content should be self-promotional. The rest of it is designed to add value and/or engage with your audience. This can be in the form of videos, articles, replies to messages, and much, much more.

We Will Help You Join the Discussion

Whether you want to simply start a dialogue with your customers through SMM or you want to optimize an ongoing social media campaign, LocalDirective will help you join the conversation with your customers and improve your bottom line.

Now is the best time to learn more about how LocalDirective can create an effective social media marketing program for your business. Call today, toll-free and with no strings, at 1.866.925.9524 or, simply complete the brief Information Contact Form, located on the left-hand side of this page, to help us assess your needs.