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If your customers can't find you, they can't buy from you.

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Persona-Based Marketing

Precision Marketing with Customer Personas

In order for your business to succeed, it's critical you know your target audience. But simple demographic facts about your potential customers aren't enough to accurately predict their behavior. While it may be important to know that your customers are between the age of 35 and 50 and are upper-middle-class, it's not as effective as knowing so much about them that you can accurately predict how they'll react in any given situation.

Personas are the in-depth psychological tools that allow you to make those predictions. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where knowing your customers' behavior is more important than ever, personas will drive more effective marketing while increasing your ROI.

Advanced Data Is the DNA of Your Customer Persona

Customer personas rely on a wealth of advanced data to produce a composite sketch of your ideal customer. Everything from demographic information to customer hobbies, lifestyle choices, and buying and entertainment preferences is factored into the composite sketch of your customers.

This sketch is the “sweet spot” of your target audience, and the data it relies upon is so comprehensive that it allows us to accurately predict what your average customer would choose or do in any given situation. To help flesh out this average customer we give him or her a name. Then we use all of the information we compile as the test case used to develop your marketing tactics. Using the persona as a guide, we're better able to predict your customers’ preferences on everything from website design to social media messages.

Know Your Customer Better with in-Depth Personas

Though developing customer personas as a part of your marketing campaign might seem like a little more work than you thought necessary, this strategy has proven successful time and time again. How can developing persona(s) help your marketing campaign?

  • They connect you: because they provide a target to tailor a message to, studies show persona-driven websites are more usable and resonate more with customers.
  • They keep track of multiple stakeholders: personas serve as your initial test audience, allowing you to vet everything from website changes to new marketing tactics.
  • They predict customer behavior: personas allow you to better predict how a customer will move through a buying decision.

We’ll Build the Personas That Will Focus Your Marketing

A persona serves as the guide for all of your marketing efforts. Unlike many agencies that specialize in only one marketing area, we take advantage of our broad array of expertise to develop a marketing persona and use its strengths across every marketing channel in your campaign.

Better marketing starts with in-depth knowledge of your customers. Let us build the personas that will drive the most effective marketing campaign for your business. Learn how we can predict your customers’ behavior and increase your sales. Simply complete the quick contact form on the left-hand side of this page, or give us a call, toll-free at 1.866.925.9524 and let us tell you about your ideal customer.