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Websites Are The Key

Websites are the key to a company's entire business.

Paula Woolley,
Client Manager

Brand and Identity Development

What is Brand Marketing?

So you’ve got a company, a certain look and feel to your product or service, and a website that you think looks good. Now, what?

Brand marketing extends far beyond marketing in general. This marketing element helps establish your company’s trustworthiness, quality and experience. Today’s online presence requires much more than a build it and wait methodology. The increase in user engagement and interaction through the past few years has led for a high demand in brand experience, visual content, and persona-based messaging as leading indicators to what your user base is consistently seeking. Stay ahead of their needs by providing them, with our help, a brand experience they won’t soon forget.

Brand Development and Management

Your brand is your company’s greatest asset. You have carefully nurtured it from the very infant stages of your business’ existence until now. It continues to grow as your user-base grows. It is a representation of your reputation and the unique value you bring to your industry that is distinct from others.

A successful brand development supports competitive advantage by bringing clarity to the mission and vision of your company, ensuring it is aligned with the goals of your business and resonating with your consumer base. This is what, in turn, creates loyal brand advocates, who change the relationship from one of a transactional connection only to more of an emotional bond. Once you have properly conveyed your brand and brand messaging to the proper target audience, you will begin to see your loyal user base grow exponentially.

Identifying Personas to Create Brand Awareness

Personas are derived from researching and completing a thorough market segmentation of your target audience, where the demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural elements are defined to create a very clear picture as to who your consumer base is, what they do, how they behave and, best of all, how do you reach and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

Brand awareness is a driving factor in the performance of your digital marketing efforts. It is important to understand who you are speaking to online, both on-site and off-site, in order to convey the messaging that will be most attractive to your user base.

A Brand Strategy Focused on Edging Out Your Competition

LocalDirective’s in-depth brand and identity strategy is tailored to give your company the competitive edge. Our teams of experts uncover the differentiating factors that make your product or service unique. This brand strategy is focused on understanding and distributing your message to your core audience with growth in mind.

If your brand is in need of a serious overhaul, or you don’t have your brand strategy figured out just yet, give us a call today at 866-925-9524. Let us help bring the essence of your company to the forefront of the audience you seek.