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SEO Evaluation

Let us evaluate your current SEO effectiveness.


The Website Conversion Audit: Get and Stay on Track

Does your Website Convert?

Whether you are trying to gather information or sell a service or product, the reason you have a website is to convert visitors. When you are not experiencing the success you would like with your conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts, it’s time to find and correct the problem before you move on to more advanced business-growth options.

Solutions are not always obvious. And, finding them is not always easy. But, it’s crucial to get back on track.

The problem could be your lack of calls-to-action (CTAs), ineffective marketing offers, or deficient landing pages. These pieces not only offer opportunities to capture visitors' information – lead generation – but they also keep your visitors engaged.

It’s a good idea to create a target market persona(s) in order to optimize and increase conversion. Consider learning what is their intent and what are the barriers stopping them from converting into customers. What is the biggest thing they’re struggling with now? And what is their biggest opportunity?

Let’s Determine your Current Conversion Results

  • How many opportunities do your users have to convert? If you offer opportunities on every page, you will start to see your conversion rates increase.
  • Is the layout of your website easily navigable? High bounce rates often stem from users who leave your site from the entrance page because of poor site design or usability. (Of course, they will also leave if you’re not delivering on the promised contents.)
  • Is your content valuable enough that your visitors are willing to invest time to read it? If not, you probably won’t see many conversions.
  • Are you targeting the right people? You should know what demographic and persona you’re targeting. Make sure your design is aesthetically pleasing and your offerings are directed to your target audience.

Our Conversion Audit and Evaluation Program
Will Give You Direction

Website conversion audits enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your site in terms of both lead generation and conversion. It will help you distinguish previously overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into leads, and leads into sales.

Assessing both the content and the technical aspects of your website will open up opportunities to drastically improve the traffic and conversions your website generates.

The content evaluation also includes blog posts, and any other web or landing pages on your site.

LocalDirective will discover whether or not your website content is high-quality, search engine optimized, and optimized for maximum usability. Our audit will check to make sure your site is designed with your visitors in mind. The central goal is to make it easy for people to get to the information they're looking for.

Our technical assessment may overlap with the content assessment. The goals, however, are the same: improved technology will result in an improved user experience.

Convert! And Increase your Bottom Line!

Initially, we want to discover how well your current website is performing. We want to know how you are capitalizing on industry best practices, innovative ideas, and proven methods.

To do this, we will evaluate your site, with an eye on your navigation and conversion funnel. We are able to analyze the performance of your website by observing the complete customer journey down your conversion funnel, noting any hindrances they encounter.

Your website must be easy to use and perform well. Are there clear calls-to-action (CTAs) Easy-to-use forms?

A few of our key steps include: web analytics reviews, user testing, heatmapping and online surveys.

After testing and research, we create a highly-detailed document in which we provide our recommendations consisting of concrete solutions and corrections that will improve your site or web application.

Conversion Strategies with LocalDirective

At LocalDirective, we believe the task of marketing should be handled with a balance of both strategic analysis and creativity. This ensures there are never stabs in the dark, and that your business is leveraging not only proven tactics but also those not-so-commonly used or even innovative forms of marketing that are entering the digital world at lightning-fast speeds.

If you're ready to get traction with your Internet marketing strategy, reach out to us through our Information Contact form, or give us a toll-free call, with no strings, at 866-925-9524. We are eager to begin the process of developing your custom strategy for success.