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Paula Woolley,
Project Manager

Google Analytics Audit

Get the Right Data to Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Google Analytics is the most widely-used web analytics platforms to drive business decisions and improve user experiences to increase business. However, you have to ensure that you are using the right data to base your business decisions on. Right data at the right time can provide valuable insights to empower business decision making. Conversely, if you are relying on bad data, it will have a long lasting negative impact on your business.

Reliable Data That Makes Business Sense

In addition to having reliable data, you need your data to be relevant and actionable in order to base good business decisions upon it. The out-of-box solution of Google analytics does not take your unique business goals into consideration. You have to ensure that all the traffic coming in is from relevant traffic sources. Your Google analytics must be uniquely configured to your account to capture all your company’s micro- and macro-goals. Not only will we do that, but by utilizing the event tracking feature, we can also track your users’ interactions with videos, other rich media features, button clicks, PDF/File Downloads, etc. Your LocalDirective team will work with you to identify your business needs, define the goals that are relevant to you, and then implement the required code to track those goals.

Customer Segments: Meaningful Data and Actionable Insights

Relevancy plays an important role in data analysis. And, not all your website traffic is relevant. While all website traffic is tracked, only specific subsets of data are isolated to ensure your business data analysis is not affected by non-relevant business data – such as internal visits, or visits by bots or any other such spam traffic. Often, data may be split based on demographic or user behavior in order to measure the marketing performance on various user segments. We can set up advanced segments to exclude internal and sub-domain traffic, spam traffic as well as to quantify your ideal customer segments. All this, to ensure you are achieving the most actionable insights from your Google analytics.

Reporting Made Easy

Not all the reports or data points are readily-available in Google analytics. This makes for very time-consuming analysis, often causing very important business metrics to be overlooked. And, Google AdWords accounts need to be linked properly, tracking all paid searches correctly.

Our business strategies expertise coupled with our dynamic Google analytics implementation assures the capture of your business’ most important metrics. We are well-equipped to produce your distinctive program – and will even create your own custom dashboard with reporting right at your fingertips – so you can easily analyze your specific data points. The knowledge gained from these reports will assist you to make improved business decisions, thereby increasing both the success of your brand and your ROI.

How LocalDirective's Google Audit Can Help You

LocalDirective’s Google analytics audit is suitable for business owners who already have an account set up or who desires expert analytics advice. Our robust process starts with an implementation meeting to discuss your requirements and to gain an understanding of your business needs. Based on your website and your input as well as our evaluation of your Google analytics account, we will provide detailed recommendation documentation.

Our Google Analytics Audit helps you to recognize whether or not:

  • You need to upgrade your Google analytics code.
  • Your tracking code is correctly placed on all the pages.
  • You are using the correct profile settings.
  • You are tracking all the products on your Ecommerce site.
  • The revenue on your Ecommerce site is being tracked correctly.
  • You are defining and tracking micro- and macro-goals correctly.
  • You are tracking events like PDF downloads, button clicks, videos, etc. correctly.
  • You are defining and using funnels correctly.
  • Your account is correctly linked to AdWords.
  • You have any red flags in the data collection.
  • You are tracking your site search correctly.
  • You are missing out on any revenue opportunities.

Our audit team is comprised of experts in digital marketing strategy along with statisticians to ensure reliable data retrieval from Google analytics. If you're ready to get traction with your Internet marketing strategy, reach out to us through our Information Contact form, or give us a toll-free call, with no strings, at 866-925-9524. We are eager to begin the process of developing your custom strategy for success.