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Paula Woolley,
Project Manager

Analytics and Analysis

The Increasing Importance of Web Analytics

Your website plays a critical role in improving the bottom line of your business. In order to take full advantage of your website and to maintain a regular revenue stream from it, you need to evaluate its performance. You must also understand how visitors are interacting with your site and how your various marketing efforts are or are not culminating to gain more business for you.

Modern-day marketing has brought analytics to the fore. Analytics has enabled marketers track and measure their customers’ digital footprint during the entire conversion process. Be it search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), or social media marketing (SMM), web analytics can help you better track and optimize your marketing efforts.

Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Business Results

The major advantage of web analytics comes in the form of data-driven decision-making. By using insights from the web analytics platform, you are no longer making assumption-based changes to your website or marketing strategies.

Google Analytics has been the most widely-used analytics platform to achieve the benefits of data-driven decision-making, by providing various data points which can help businesses make effective decisions. LocalDirective can help you strategically plan your Google Analytics implementation, and maximize its benefits to draw useful insights.

How LocalDirective Can Help You Benefit from Web Analytics

Data is the biggest asset we have when developing actionable business intelligence. LocalDirective’s robust analytics execution process ensures that you capture all the important aspects of how customers interact with your business through different mediums. We will help you define the KPIs which translate your business vision along all these various touch points to track and measure on a regular basis. This process can help you:

  • Identify and define various customer segments.
  • Improve the efficiency of your conversion funnel by identifying the bottlenecks.
  • Optimize your marketing spend by identifying what is working and what is not working across all your marketing efforts.
  • Generate content that appeals most to your target audience leading to higher conversion.
  • Grow your sales by making necessary changes in your marketing campaigns and your website.

Professional Website Analytics Analysis

In order to make most of your online presence and marketing efforts, you need to fully understand your website, your traffic sources, your marketing initiatives performance, and various actions visitors take on your website. LocalDirective can help you optimize your Google analytics account helping you mine through tons of data to draw required business intelligence easily. Our Google Analytics & Analysis services include:

  • Design and review implementation plan.
  • Setup micro and macro goals in line with your business objectives.
  • Conversion Funnel analysis.
  • Create advanced segments based on various customer segmentations.
  • Generate custom reports based on your business needs.
  • Develop advanced dashboards to track data that matters most to you.
  • Provide ongoing reporting support.
  • Deliver improved engagement and conversion rate recommendations.

Optimal Analytics and Analysis Strategies with LocalDirective

At LocalDirective, we believe the task of marketing should be handled with a balance of both strategic analysis and creativity. This ensures there are never stabs in the dark, and that your business is leveraging not only proven tactics but also those not-so-commonly used or even new and innovative forms of marketing that are continuing to enter the digital world at lightning-fast speeds.

If you're ready to get traction with your Internet marketing strategy, reach out to us through our Information Contact form, or give us a toll-free call, with no strings, at 866-925-9524. We are eager to begin the process of developing your custom strategy for success.