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How Not to Nurture Your Leads

Marketing and Sales have historically worked hand-in-hand to nurture prospects into leads, and leads into buyers. The Marketing department generates qualified leads and sends them to the Sales department. The Sales department’s responsibility is to convert these qualified leads into customers.

Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials in the manufacturing sector must be created so that it grabs the attention of your market in 10 seconds; otherwise, they will move on. Millennials have reported that content is turning them off because it is too long, doesn’t solve their problem, is sales-driven and is not tailored.

Google Analytics

The best way to understand your customer’s behavior is by quantifying his actions, which generates business intelligence. Analytics helps to understand your customer’s journey by capturing various data points.

Persona-Based Marketing

Defining target markets is the most important part of defining your marketing strategy. But contrary to the general perception, defining target markets is not a one-time exercise. It is a process which evolves over time.

Persona-Based Marketing

Social Media Best Practices and Policies

This guide offers a framework of ideas intended to be used by Marketing Executives within an organization to better develop companywide social media policies. It's imperative to have a guide in place because at times people may forget that what they say online is just as powerful as if they had said it in person.

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