5 Tips To Gain A Competitive Advantage In Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – sometimes referred to as Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing – has earned a reputation of being too expensive for small businesses. Sometimes that cost per keyword receives the blame, other times it is the competitive landscape, but most of the time it is a combination of both. This make a lot of sense considering the competitive landscape will drive up the cost of the most coveted keywords – those keywords which will be most likely to convert into revenue. Continue Reading

How to Increase Your Brand Influence Online?

Every brand (be it related to any industry) focus on influencing a large group of people because the buying decision completely depends on them. In the online world where everyone is trying hard to impress their audience, it becomes bit difficult to compete against the competitors and stand aside in the crowd. But to bring you in notice, the rules of the game have changes. No longer can you use the same and old tactics to attract huge audience. There are several other methods that can help you grow and build the business presence online, and that too in a given time frame.

Connect with Other Influencers and Brand Advocates

One of the most effective, easiest and simplest ways to grow the database of your influencers is to connect with other influencers that can talk about you and share what your business has to offer. This is the best strategy one can implement because your audience believes in everything these influencers say.

When it comes to leveraging brand advocates, they promote only those things they like the most about your business, spreading a word about the benefits they’ve personally experienced.

Do your homework and connect with influencers you believe will benefit your business in every way or you can also get in touch with those companies that are specialized in establishing a long term connection with some of the top influencers online.

Be Authentic

When your target audience starts shopping online, they want to be reassured that they connect themselves with a brand that is not only honest, but caring and meaningful too.
Though it could be difficult to achieve such reputation because of the distance and lack of in-person meetings, but you can use customer’s reviews and other feedbacks to illustrate how authentic you are.

Deliver the Best of Your Knowledge

The more you know, the more you share. The more your share, the more you appeal your target audience. It helps your brand to become one of the top influencers, providing accurate and to the point information to its audience.
Today, more and more people are shifting from Yellow pages directory to online sources foe finding the information that is not only useful, but also solve various problems. If you start advising them by providing tops, information and other useful data, you’ll soon become a reliable source for your target audience.

Carefully Listen and Then Respond

While it seems obvious to you, but there are several companies who don’t listen to their customer’s queries and simply assume that their audience thinking follow the same track as they follow.
However, brands who carefully listen to their audience needs and pay attention to small things are likely to win the heart of people and considered as the real winners of the game.

Be Passionate and Positive

You need to be passionate about each and everything. It encourages your audience and inspire them to become your loyal customers.

With so many negative and duplicate content being published on various platforms, you have the chance to stand out from the crowd with a positive message that shows your commitment towards your work and gives a ray of hope to people all over the world.

Maintain Transparency

Be clear about the promises you’ve done to your audience and show the worthiness with your behavior and other actions. Ask your team members to maintain transparency about what you’re mainly involved into, what the company is doing and how it fulfills the customer’s expectations.

Be Humble To Your Customers

It is important to show humbleness towards your target audience and impress your customers, be it in the role of a servant or a business owner. It makes you feel powerful among the people looking for a brand who is ready to put itself in their shoes. Customers always want to interact with those brands which think of their customers before their own profits.

Don’t Give Up

Your database of influencers will never increase if you decide not to put efforts for some time and rely on your laurels after ranking your business high in Google searches. You’ll soon be considered like you never existed for your audience and they’ll definitely find an alternative brand that is willing to do everything to win the trust & faith of their audience.

Moral of the story is: Never ever think to give up.

The only idea behind influencing your brand is to maintain the brand presence online so once you start with it, make sure to stick with it and keep at it. In case if you’re unable to do so, you can get in touch with a team of internet marketing experts at Global Directive. We are expert in building the brand presence online.


When you ask people if they like what they do for work, most people (70% by some polls) – dislike their jobs. And a large portion actively hate their job!

Common complaints include not feeling appreciated, or not having enough time to complete the work they are given. Many people cite that they wish they had more flexibility in where or when they work.

As American workplaces are evolving, an emphasis on enjoyment of work is starting to take shape. More companies are realizing that in order to have the “best place to work” they have to provide more than just an income.

For our customers, this may mean changing the products they sell, and the places they work. With 50% of Americans working at least part of the week from remotely and 90% wishing they did, the need for office space, office furniture, and home offices are changing. The Internet, and the availability of high-speed Internet in even more remote locations has meant that work no longer needs to be confined to a large building in a city.

The evolving workplace has smaller individual workspaces within an office as employees take advantage of flex time or a “remote day” but still report into an office. Collaborative areas are being created where people can gather in more living-room-like spaces to brainstorm or network.

Cell phones, (more powerful than desktop computers once were), give employees access to emails, spreadsheets, applications, and more–and their customers and coworkers access to them, 24/7. While this connectivity is beneficial for many during the day, it can cause a good job to go bad. In fact, a new French law bans email after work hours to prevent burnout of workers.

Despite furniture, workstation and technology changes, today’s business are adding in meditation rooms, walking trails, gyms and cafeterias to lure and retain talent. The notion that happier, healthier employees are more productive is not new, and is backed up with plenty of studies. Employers who can focus on the employee first always win. In fact this philosophy is the benchmark of the success by some of the most well-known businesses in the world, such as Wegmans and Starbucks.

The ideas about what makes the best place to work, are changing, but what remains the same is the employee’s desire to do a good job, have a good manager, and get along with their coworkers. The intangible things that make a job a best place to work stand the test of time, and as employers, should always be a priority.




5 Ways to Develop Trust with Content Readers

Content sets a tone. It delivers your company mission, vision and other important information about your business. Content helps to build your brand presence online, but it also sets a company tone, differentiate you from the competition, establish you as a leader in the your industry and take your business rankings high in Google search results.

In addition, content also helps you to win the trust & faith of your audience.

By providing useful, informative and precise information to the readers, answering their questions, and giving smart yet reliable solution to their problems, your content development is an excellent way to build a long lasting relationship with your potential customers.


Whether you’ve just stepped into the world of digitization or you’re a successful brand looking to revamp the content marketing strategy, the tips below will help you build YOUR trust factor online.

Stop Promoting Yourself.

One of the worst things that many brands do when writing an article/blog is to simply focus on promoting themselves in the content. If you’ve overly promotional content you know it – and it often just feels wrong! Don’t adopt this strategy yourself. There are plenty of (better) ways to promote your business without making it your only topic focus.

We recommend that you try to maintain a ratio of 80/20: 80% generic content and 20% self-promoted content.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Company’s Value.

No matter what you write, make sure to put a limelight on company’s value. If you can’t read the content you’ve written yourself again and again, you can’t expect your readers to do the same. Keeping this in mind, do deep research and collect the information relevant to your brand. Instead of focusing on your products and/or services, write about something your audience would love to read.

Be Consistent.

Consistency definitely matters for your readers, no matter where they’re coming from. When you maintain consistency throughout the process, it shows that you’re not only committed towards your business, but also that you care about people coming to grab some useful information from your blog.

While the exact definition of consistency varies from brand to brand and company to company, you should at least post a blog once in a week. If you don’t, people will soon start feeling like you’ve never existed for them and find an alternative option.

Give Your Readers What They Want.

Does the content you are sharing address the needs of your readers? If not, then you’re not writing for the sake of your readers. Instead of just choosing a random topics you see on internet, (or that you may find interesting) it’s better to write about something your readers will love to read. Don’t know what that is…? Ask them!

Do your own research and learn more about your audience. What problems they’re facing? What are they looking for? What are they expecting from your content? What they want to get out of your writing?

The more you know about your readers and prospective readers, the more focus you can put on addressing the real time issues, and hence, you’ll be able to build a trust factor with your audience in no more time.

Use the Right platform

Last but not least – use the right channels to share content with your target audience all over the world. While many marketers try to overlook the importance of content distribution on various channels, it is important to spread a word about your business on different platforms so people can get to know about your brand. Here’s why: no matter how nicely you’ve written the content or how much time you’ve taken to write a piece of content, it would be of zero value if nobody sees it.

What’s more, publishing content on those channels your audience stays active proves you’re willing to gain their attention. This, in turn, helps you win the trust of your audience and gives your readers a chance to turn into loyal customers in near future.

If you are looking for ways to increase the trust of your readers through your content, follow these five tips. While everyone is struggling hard to create high quality and unique content, many of them don’t know from where to start. This annoys them and keep them wondering why their online content is not giving the results they have been expecting in the beginning.

Luckily, it is not as difficult as it seems.

To create useful content, you must first be aware of its basics and know all the points that are important to consider for creating trustworthy content. This involves everything including your brand needs, customer’s expectations etc. In case if you are still facing problems in building the trust factor of your audience, contact DirectiveGroup now!

Words Matter

I enjoy writing – and I have spent the better part of the last week working on the content for a new website. Each word is important. Not just because someone will read it and learn something about the company services, but because words make you think. Words ask to you think deeply about yourself and what you might need. Words help you to make decisions. Words bring us together with a shared language.

And yet, words can so easily be misinterpreted.

When I write, I find myself reading and re-reading what I write. Could someone misunderstand what I am trying to say? Does the pattern of the words, or the choice of the words, create space between me and the reader? Will the reader make judgements about me–or my business–based on just the few sentences they read? Will they feel the meaning and my passion behind the words?

When you are writing your own content, you get to choose your words. You get to decide the tone, the reading level, the use of punctuation. But know, each decision you make about these words matter–they speak for you. They speak about you.

Here are 3 tips I follow when writing content:

Outlines still work. Remember 5th grade when your English teach taught you how to write a 5 paragraph essay by first outlining? That process still works! Think about what each paragraph is meant to say and why it is important, and the piece will start to write itself.

Choose the words wisely. Think about each word and how they work together. When in doubt, open the process up to others. Some of the best writing I have done went through several revisions, with feedback from my coworkers.

Give yourself the time the words need. Writing in a rush never works. Take the time to think about what you want to say. Write it, then read it, then think it over. Go back at least once to make sure you put down the best words for the message you want to convey.

Grammar and spelling tell a lot about you. Even the most educated, best writers make a typo once in a while. However, the most educated, best writers also take the time, and double check their work. Limit your spelling and grammar mishaps, an your readers won’t be distracted by a writing error.

Writing can be tedious, or it can be therapeutic. But the best writing comes when you care about the topic, and when you take the time to think about what you want to say, and give the message the time it needs to marinate. The result will be clear content, a great story, and a feeling of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.


How Social Media Is Beneficial For Non-Profitable Businesses?

Do you think maintaining a presence on social media is completely a waste of time because you are running a non-profitable business? If yes, then you need to give it a second thought. Whether you’re into a profitable or non-profitable business, social media has something to offer for everyone. It suits all kinds of business models and gives them an opportunity to take the maximum benefits of it. So, why there is a misconception that social media is not made for non-profitable businesses?

All problem lies in figuring out the differences between these two models, however, in reality, both the models should follow the same approach when it comes to promoting their business on social media networking sites. Below are the 5 major reasons explaining why it is worth for non-profitable businesses to invest time & efforts in social media platform.

Social Media is Growing Three Times Faster than Email Marketing:

When it’s about marketing the non-profitable businesses, people usually think about websites and email marketing – which are still considered as the most effective marketing tools in the nonprofit world. But social media is an ever-increasing trend. It is growing three times faster than the rate of email marketing.

“If email size increased by 11%, then the fan following on Facebook and Twitter increased by 42% and 37% respectively”, as per the past survey conducted by Social Media Benchmark in 2015. When comparing the benefits of social media promotion for non-profitable businesses with email marketing methods, it’s hard to argue with the figures given above.

Social Media Gives You a Platform of Your Choice:

Do you like Facebook? If yes, then use it to promote your business on this platform.

Is there anything you hate about Instagram? If yes, then it is highly advised not to use it. The best thing about choosing social media platform for marketing your business is getting an opportunity to decide a platform of your choice, and then use it to shape your organization. There are several networking platforms to choose from, so be sure to choose the one that will benefit your business in the years of come. When you choose a platform to focus on, the quality of the content automatically gets better than if you choose all the platforms for non-profitable business marketing. So, it is better to choose a platform that not only works best for you, but for your business and target audience too.

Social Media Raises the Brand Awareness:

Social media, being an effective tool, is an ideal place to get a word of mouth referrals for your non-profitable business organization. It allows people to talk about you and your business, and make it recognizable in other’s eyes.

Let’s say, your business organizes a number of public events. If you have maintained a social media presence of your business, you’ll be able to promote it in a number of ways, such as:

• Creating an event pages,
• Sharing the photographs and other information,
• Integrating the live streaming video and much more.

This way, your followers will get to know about the events you’re hosting and share it with others (if they find it relevant and interesting), giving your business a wide exposure and a chance to build the awareness all over the world.

Social Media Helps You Collect the Content From Your Audience:

Non-profitable businesses often have a story to tell the audience, and social media serves as a great place for such kinds of businesses to share the story through the mode of content. Not only it helps an owner to speak from his perspective, but also allows audience to create stories about your organizations and share it to the whole world.

Thus, it is important for you to encourage your audience to share anything about your business that has impact their lives anyway by creating an attractive campaign. Ask them to link the web address of your organization’s page when they’re about to share it or add a hashtag that represents your business. Remember, their experiences can be shared in the form of text, pictures and videos.

Social Media Helps You Easily Collect the Donation:

All non-profitable organizations need some donation, and social media is a great way to collect it from your audience. With the evolution of new technologies and its increasing popularity, there are several ways to remind your audience about it. From simple buttons to complicated applications, social media has made it easier for these organizations to collect the donation from required people.

All-in-all, social media can change the way people look at it when it comes to promoting non-profitable businesses. Though both the profitable and non-profitable businesses are different, they can use it to reap its benefits, no matter what they’d been previously involved into.

Get to know more about social media and its other benefits for your business from a team of experts at Global Directive. We are here to offer all sorts of digital marketing and website design & development solutions to people of digitization. Call us to know more.

Why Visual Content is Important for Better User Engagement?

Past studies have shown that it takes nearly 10 seconds for website visitors to decide whether they will stay on your website or not. So, what exactly it is that encourage users to stick to the website? Is it the well-written content that can be easily read within few seconds? Well, the answer is NO, only a creatively designed website with enticing features can leave an everlasting impression on visitor’s mind.

A picture speaks almost everything. And when it comes to running a business online, sharing a powerful picture is considered as one of the most efficient tools for every business. It helps businesses to build the brand reputation and gain credibility in no more time. That’s not all; there are several other important reasons for focusing more on visual content.

Let’s do have a look at all these:

Brain Captures Visually Attractive Content Faster than Any Other Type of Content

It has been noticed that a human brain captures the content written in the form of an image in just a few seconds; therefore, displaying a visually attractive image will definitely help you grab the user interests and customer’s engagement in no more time. It gives more benefits when we have to spread a message in the least given time.

There are few other important pointers that supports why visual content is much preferred in industry than other any type of content. Let’s know about it:

  • We have the ability to read 36,000 visual messages in 1 hour, which means that it takes a second to notice 10 visuals.
  • When it comes to memorizing, our brain can process visual text at a faster speed than any other form of text.
  • Over 90% information stored in our brain is in the form of visual content only.

One can have a rough idea from these figures that how important the visual content is for a human brain. As users are accessing much information nowadays, you have only a few seconds to hold them on your website, and the best way to do is to use visually attractive images in your content.

Visually Attractive Content Encourages Users to Perform Call-To-Action

As the above mentioned pointers are saying that the human brain captures visual information at a faster rate and keep it remembered for a long time. Therefore, the possibility of performing Call-To-Action from the user’s side also increases when you use visual content on your website.

There is no denying the fact that our brain quickly responds to those things that we are emotionally connected to. Therefore, one can react only when you present something in the form of an image that strikes directly to their brain. When you present anything in the form of text, it is first to get converted into a visual format, which then hits the human brain and hence, users take the long time to react. On the contrary, information shared in the form of visual content helps people to respond quicker.

Visually Attractive Content Has an Everlasting Effect

Everyone knows that we get easily attractive to visual content. It is easy to remember and has a long lasting impact. For instance, if you see a red balloon in the left hand of a girl wearing a yellow color top, you’ll find it easy to digest, as it can be memorized forever. Hence, it is proved that not only visual content leaves an everlasting impression on people’s mind, but if it is optimized properly, also helps you bring more traffic and increase the business sales.

Visual Content Condense the Maximum Information

Open any page on your system and try reading the information given in the text form; you’ll not be able to read more than 20% of that information or you can say, our brain doesn’t allow us to read that much text. However, if you get to see the same information in the form of 1-minute video, you’ll be able to read the complete information, right? That’s why; it is always advisable to condense the data in the form of visual content, as it allows users to read everything within a given time frame.

Visual Content Is Beneficial for Higher Social Media Engagement Rate

Visual content became even more beneficial with the evolution of social media websites. There is no denying the fact that visually attractive content helps to increase the engagement rate on social media platform a bit faster. Content shared in the form of images gets more views than content in the form of text, and visually shared content is likely to be shared more on social media networking websites, thus the chance of user engagement automatically increases. To create visual content and get the attention of your customers, and improve your campaign results don’t hesitate to talk to us at Local Directive.


A few weeks ago I found myself annoyed with noise–the noise of the road, the hum of the electricity in the house, the wind aggressively hitting the wind chime… the noise of other people. And it got me to thinking about all the “noise” we deal with on a daily basis.

I am no luddite. In fact, I love technology – I embrace the conveniences it brings. I make my living from bringing technology into other people’s lives.

Yet, I think we have forgotten how to be silent. I forget sometimes at least. And I need to be reminded that less is very often more.

Last weekend I went camping with my 8 year old and a dozen other cub-scouts and their parents, and was struck by how quiet it was at night and into the next morning. It was truly joyous. We had no electronics and it was dark, and quiet, and wonderful. The adults sat around the campfire and sang old songs, while one particularly talented scout-dad strummed a guitar. And we all went to bed by 10pm – 2 full hours after the last outdoor-weary kid had climbed into his own sleeping bag.

The night was cool, but not cold in the cocoon of the tent, and I could hear trees rustling, but not much else. I slept a good deep sleep until early morning, when I rolled out of my tent to start the communal fire. The peace and quiet was unescapable, and perfect, and I was reminded that life can be simple.

We exist in a time where it is easy to grab for our mobile phones to check the temperature, or our email, or… basically anything we need 24/7. But sometimes the noise is too much…and it needs to go away. You need to put it away — and enjoy — the silence.

I recommend camping.

Rank Higher In Search Engines With Paid Search Advertising

As the web continues to grow, an increasing number of websites compete for the same digital real estate on search engines and they compete using search engine marketing tactics (SEM) that can be either paid or organic. A well optimized website can help your business to rank high in organic searches and appear on the first page of search engine results, but organic search tactics are rigid and you can’t control how far or how fast your website will move up in the rankings. This is why a website can benefit immensely from paid search advertising. Continue Reading

Top Internet Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Internet has become the most important and vital source of information for everyone around the world. Now people prefer to search everything online, instead of looking at directories and going through Yellow Pages.  If you already have an online business presence, you must be aware of all the benefits your business can avail from it. Internet marketing allows start-ups to reach a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Internet marketing campaigns are measurable through web analytics and can be tested for effective and accountable results. As it is, it can be quite difficult for your business to stand out in the crowded market. So, why do so many entrepreneurs still neglect opportunities to market their products or services online or delay it as an unnecessary expenditure?

With limited funds at your disposal, entrepreneurs often shy away from online marketing techniques because they view it as optional or too complicated to implement. But you would be surprised at the big payoff even simple online marketing techniques can get for your business. Here are some important online marketing strategies for entrepreneurs to grow your company and set it up for success.

Personal Branding

An entrepreneur is the visible face of his or her business and there is immense value in using social media to leverage a trustworthy personal image. Branding yourself before your company gives you the chance to gain your audience trust and literally turn your own following into a profitable business.

Personal branding also allows you to meet and socialize with potential customers and investors, in order to form long lasting relationships and build brand reputation. And if we see from a monetary prospective – personal branding won’t cost you a penny- it’s completely free to do, though you might need to spare some time for it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an on-going process of making your site more visible to your audience. Sustained SEO strategies can help your business feature on top of search results so that more potential customers get to know about your brand, whenever they search for a relevant product and/or service you offer. And the ranking of your website also depends on the website layout and type of content you are creating.

So, SEO doesn’t require that much more investment particularly if you are already creating new content on a daily basis. And it is worth spending a little money, if you know for sure that website will be properly indexed.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is extremely flexible and can be done in a wide range of forms, depending on your product/services and how your consumers consume such content. Content marketing can help accomplish various business objectives and other goals. For instance, you can offer eBooks or whitepapers as downloads on your site to increase the conversion rate, or you can generate more inbound traffic to your site by maintaining a blog. Indeed, content marketing is a powerful tool, which if used properly can help highlight the true intrinsic value of your business or service.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has the maximum potential to generate business leads and increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI) because it costs next-to-nothing. So what are you waiting for? Start growing and maintaining the database of subscribers from your existing customers list, your social media following and other methods, like QR codes and opt-in forms, so that you can schedule and send newsletters to them regularly. The marketing goal is to engage your audience and encourage ‘top of mind’ recall for your brand and products among your customers.

Conversion Optimization

Most of the internet marketing strategies discussed here aim to get more audiences on your website, but how will you convert them into your loyal customers? There should be clear conversion paths so that you can get more value out of every visitor on your site. You can perform on-site research to gauge visitor intent and their satisfaction level. Also, use a variety of testing to identify pages that provide the biggest yield. The idea is to either create more conversion opportunities, or to improve interaction with existing customers.

While the online marketing strategies mentioned in this article are certainly not exhaustive but they are a good kick-off point for any entrepreneur looking to promote their brand. You can implement these strategies individually but if you pursue them all collectively, you are likely to see an even bigger return on your investment. Want to know about internet marketing techniques? Get in touch with us at Local Directive now and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call at 1-866-925-9524.