Making Your Website Profitable with Conversion Optimization

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you have amazing content on your website. You spent a lot of time writing the content and picking images and you feel that it represents your company well. Your design is fresh and fun. But you are still not quite sure that your site is optimized for generating revenue.

First of all, I want to start by saying this is not an article about how to search optimize your site, (SEO). While SEO is something very important, conversion optimization is quite different. Here, I will give you a few pointers on how your ecommerce website can be optimized to accumulate its maximum potential for generating revenue.

While content is most important for (nearly) every site, it alone will not bring in profit. Good content is your diamond in the rough and you need to make it shine as much as possible. Given the competition online for everything from toilet-paper to car engines, you need to find a way to make your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd.

Make your site user friendly: If you need to explain your website to someone, you need to re-think your website! Always keep in mind that your site should be simple and easy to navigate with the fewest number of steps to get to the sale. It should be clear to everyone what are you trying to sell and what your site is about. If you are unsure if your site is easy to use, find any second grader in America and sit with them as they figure it out. If they can get to the payment screen within 30 seconds, you have a winner! If they get confused and hand the laptop back to you… you’ll need to go back to the drawing board. Continue Reading

Grande Double-Whip Work

“Why would anyone want to work at the Starbucks when they could work at home?”

This question was posed the other day and I wanted to try to answer it. You see, I work from home almost every day, but there have been times when my office really was a table at the local Starbucks –  a quiet place I would go daily while my sitter sat with my young son in my home. And even now, especially when the weather is nice and I do not have conference calls, I will go over to the local Starbucks for a couple hours to get some serious writing done.

As I was thinking about this I realized it may not be obvious to others who might not see the benefits right away, I thought I would share my feelings:

1) Change of Scenery: When I work at home, (and the same is true when I worked in a traditional office), there are distractions. There is the post-its and the to-do notes, the other projects that need doing. At home there is my dog who likes to bark at anyone walking by, or the pile of laundry calling my name. While I am generally disciplined enough to ignore the things in my home office, when I need to buckle-down and “get-stuff-done,” I actually like going to a Starbucks, settling in with a handcrafted beverage and working.

2) Richard, James & Savannah: Richard, James and Savannah are baristas at my local Starbucks. They know my name. I know theirs. When I walk in, even when there is a long line, my drink is made and ready for me when I get to the counter. Richard always asks when my next book is coming out (I wrote the last one 12 years ago… and the new one may never come to pass, but he still asks). When you work remotely – and even when you are an introvert, like myself, it is nice to have someone recognize you, give you a little extra service, a smile and a short conversation. They are busy, I am busy. We share pleasantries and move on. But this little act of human interaction is very fulfilling and a nice break during the day. Continue Reading

3 Benefits of Having Both an SEM and SEO Campaign At The Same Time

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of search-based marketing. It doesn’t matter if it’s SEM or SEO all online campaigns start with some form of keyword research. Search engine marketing is based on showing up the very moment searchers are looking for a solution. And that search is based on a keyword.

Paid advertising uses keywords to create campaigns and ad groups, and organic marketing uses keywords to optimize webpages and create content based campaigns. Both marketing channels are based on the premise of showing up for a specific keyword, phrase or topic when a person uses a search engine to find a solution.

 Increase Speed and Performance of SEO

So, what then is the benefit of having both an SEM and SEO campaign running at the same time? Continue Reading

Crowdfunding & The Value of Preparedness

Kickstarter reports 327,800+ projects have been posted on their platform, and about 117,000 of them have been funded. Yet, the difference between crowdfunding success and failure isn’t just about getting funded—it is in exploring and implementing the steps that go into a campaign—and the value that comes out of that experience for a small business or entrepreneur is priceless.

A carefully thought out and well-executed crowdfunding plan – a “marketing plan” — can mean all the difference. There have been a few notable examples of crazy, spontaneous things that got funded – remember the potato salad Kickstarter? Supporters really gave $55,492 for one man to make potato salad! But that is a rarity. Most campaigns that raise any significant money do so because a lot of time, effort and creativity went into the plan, and then a lot of time and effort went into the execution of that plan. Continue Reading

5 Mini Habits That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person This Year – Commentary

Bring positive energy to the pillow.

From time to time LocalDirective team members will comment on a piece of content they see online. In this post, Kim Figor gives her opinion on 5 Mini Habits That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person This Year  an article from Quora, written by Andy Ooi .

Are you one of those people who jumps out of bed a couple hours earlier than needed, bright eyed and bushy tailed? Or, are you one of those people who HATE those morning people? Or, are you in between – you are a morning person just not until you’ve received a bit of help from your coffee? Despite what type of person you are, if you want to learn how you can become a morning person, this article is for you. Continue Reading